Annalisa Di Felice Studio is the place where creativity, art, ingenuity and 20-year experience are skilfully blended to plan and develop items of unique and innovative design. A breeding ground of ideas where Annalisa Di Felice’s flair meets the client’s vision to create fashion and luxury pieces that combine refined aesthetics with high functionality in ever-evolving ways.
Specialising in jewelry and handbag design, Anna Di Felice Studio provides a wide range of services to support brands, companies and artisans in the phases preceding and following the realisation of the finished product.


Creative Direction

The Creative Direction service encompasses all the creative aspects concerning the design of various items, such as jewelry, accessories, small and large leather goods. Drawing on her knowledge acquired at the Costume and Fashion Academy in Rome, as well as her extensive experience in launching new brands and working for luxury ones, Annalisa Di Felice demonstrates exceptional talent and versatility in overseeing every facet of a project in a creative way. Not only does the designer strive to create innovative and trendy plans, but she also makes sure that they perfectly reflect the client’s soul and communicative intentions.



Annalisa Di Felice is a fashion and home decor designer who specialises in jewelry and handbag design. However, her creative expertise extends beyond these areas, encompassing the design of watches, small and large leather goods, accessories and luxury items for the home and the mise en place. Each project is unique, resulting from the encounter between the artist’s creative personality and the client’s one. Proposals are submitted to the customer step by step in order to fine-tune the perfect design for production. By delivering everything from creative concepts and handmade or digitally realised designs, the studio is naturally inclined to team with established brands, up-and- coming brands willing to create a strong and recognisable image, artisans who want to launch their own product lines, but also private individuals who desire custom-made jewelry or other bespoke items to be conceived as unique pieces.


Product development

Annalisa Di Felice Studio takes care of the entire product life cycle from initial design to development. In fact, the product development service covers the product management stages from design to first prototype approval, providing support for sample conception and realisation – this envolves identifying suppliers, liaising with all professionals involved in the process, monitoring each step, conducting necessary tests and refining the product until the envisioned quality, aesthetic and functional standards are achieved. The final phase is the approval of the first design prototype.


Project Management

Annalisa Di Felice Studio offers project management services to established brands, up- and-coming brands and small artisans. Our collaboration involves comprehensive and
professional support throughout the entire project life cycle, taking charge of their conception, management, control and finalisation. From the initial sketch to the product promotion, our team ensures a perfect synergy between aesthetics production, marketing and sales. Our management results in the development of a valuable, innovative product that meets the client’s requirements, the agreed budget and the planned delivery time. Our service goes beyond product finalisation by paying close attention to image details, which must be appealing to the end customer while remaining consistent with the brand identity.


Trends & moodboards

Design conception and realisation is preceded by trend analysis and moodboard creation, which serve as an essential study and inspiration phase to develop fashionable products or collections in line with the brand’s style. After identifying the most relevant trends in the industry through rigorous research, we assess their commercial potential and translate them into a unique and distinctive aesthetic language. The creation of moodboards allows us to capture the chosen inspiration, turning it into a visual guide that keeps it strong and consistent throughout the creative process. This service is useful both for established brands, as it helps them to remain current and competitive in their sector, and up-and- coming brands, as it drives them to seek a personal style and niche market.


Technical support and quality control

This service deals with pre-existing products and collections subject to meticulous quality control, technical improvement and defect elimination. Aimed at analysing specific categories of items, such as jewelry, costume jewelry, metal and silver accessories, this service puts Annalisa Di Felice’s 20 years of experience at the disposal of brands and companies. An internationally acclaimed expert designer and specialised goldsmith who uses her knowledge of raw materials and production processes to conduct quality inspection at clients’ supplier companies. After verifying that all materials and processes meet company standards, she determines whether an item should be confirmed, revised or taken out of production. This service does not provide manual support, but focuses exclusively on identifying improvements and technical corrections.


Product improvement

Annalisa Di Felice Studio is not only involved in the technical revision of existing items, but it also dedicates great attention to their aesthetic and functional improvement in line with the client’s style. The product improvement service, dedicated to companies and workshops, is mainly aimed at perfecting jewelry, costume jewelry, metal accessories, bags and leather goods. With her vast experience in the jewelry and accessory design sector, Annalisa Di Felice is committed to finding innovative, creative and high- performance solutions.



Annalisa Di Felice creates freehand and digital illustrations on commission. This service is dedicated to companies and professionals who wish to promote existing products in an original and engaging way, exploiting the appeal of artistic creations and the potential of storytelling through drawing. All projects are designed to enhance the characteristics and beauty of the items and convey the values and soul of the brands, distinguishing them
from their competitors. Illustrations can be used to improve engagement through both traditional and digital communication means, such as brochures, catalogues, websites, social media or other online and offline promotional channels.



Through her experience in design and jewelry, Annalisa di Felice has been devoting herself to providing courses in jewelry design, planning and illustration. Her base Rhinoceros 3D course has proved to be useful when it comes to learning three- dimensional jewelry modelling techniques. Annalisa Di Felice’s training courses are currently available at private vocational and postgraduate schools. Among the teaching institutions selected by the artist, the Florentine ‘Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School’ stands out. Aimed at aspiring designers, professionals willing to improve their skills or jewelry enthusiasts, Annalisa Di Felice’s teaching service is a unique opportunity to improve creative skills and learn techniques related to jewelry design and planning.